Shropshire Leadership Conference 2024

Tuesday 16 April

Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

Unlock your full potential at a business conference with a difference

Join us for Shropshire Leadership Conference on Tuesday 16 April at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn as we explore the Future of Leadership.

People from across the region will gather for a mix of thought-provoking speakers and insightful masterclasses and workshops in a relaxed atmosphere that's just perfect for dynamic networking, learning and conversation. 

If you're interested in leadership and what the future may look like for your business or your future career,  you’ll take home practical ideas and inspiration.

High-profile and influential keynote speakers, industry and field experts will take to the stage to inspire, challenge, and evolve your thinking about the future of leadership focusing on belief in potential, change and technology.

The event will feature exhibit stands, hands-on masterclasses, and interactive demos and wellbeing activities, as a reminder to prioritise mental health and resilience in the workplace.

Hone your leadership skills, challenge your thinking and network with an audience of leaders and future leaders. Represent your company at Shropshire’s most high-level business event.

Keynote Speakers

Michael Heppell - How to Be Brilliant

Michael Heppell is the international best-selling author of 6 books, including 'How to Be Brilliant'. His books have been translated into 27 languages and include the Sunday Times No.1 Best Seller 'Flip It'.

His passion is presenting. He has been described as ‘One of the top 3 professional speakers in the world.’

He works with individuals and organisations who are dissatisfied with being good and have a desire to be brilliant. Through his events and coaching, Michael has worked with everyone from Category B prisoners to business leaders; from Premiership footballers to TV personalities.

Davina McCall credits Michael as ‘The person who, in one hour, changed my life’.

Michael works with his wife and business partner Christine and in 2001 they set a goal ‘To positively influence one million lives’. Through presentations, training, books, audio programmes and coaching they hit this target several years ago and now have the goal to positively influence everyone they connect with.

CEO - The institute of Leadership - John Williams - Future readiness

Helping you be ready to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances we face as leaders.

CEO John Williams is a problem solver and strategist who joined The Institute from a career in international business and leadership development across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East and North America.

John is a passionate advocate of servant leadership and deeply curious about emergent strategy, predictive analytics, punctuated equilibrium and other baffling business things – he is fascinated by the prospects for artificial intelligence and the future of work.

John holds an MBA from the University of Northumbria and has been guest lecturer in strategy and international business at universities in the UK and Europe for over two decades.

Joanne Lockwood FPSA FRSA FIEDP – SEE Change Happen

Joanne Lockwood, The Inclusive Culture Expert, A Guiding Light in Your Inclusion Journey

Joanne Lockwood is the founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Practice with a specialism in providing Transgender Awareness and support to organisations and businesses.

Her mantra is Smile, Engage and Educate and she passionately believes that “people are people” and, no matter who they are, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.


Gemma Allies – Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Gemma is a corporate wellness provider who specialises in supporting companies through mindfulness training so that they are able to build better cultures that optimise employee engagement, reduce stress-related absence, and retain key talent.

In this workshop, attendees will explore current workplace wellbeing trends, insights and predictions that will support their own future strategy. In alignment with the theme of change, the session will explore how emotionally intelligent leadership can benefit organisations commercially, before empowering attendees to create an agile action plan that sets them up for success.

AI: Insights for Business Success – with Louise Welsby and Dr. David F George

Louise is a creative, commercial marketer with a passion for communication and collaboration who has been running Buy-From since 2015.

25+ years of communication experience has resulted in her leadership of a dynamic team with an unparalleled passion for business communication and growth. Louise, like the whole Buy-From team, believe in ethical marketing and love working with brands with purpose.

Louise and David will deliver a masterclass where you will gain valuable insights on leveraging Generative AI to enhance your business productivity and competitive advantage. Explore applications of Generative AI in optimising business process tasks by implementing integration opportunities designed to maximise efficiency. Discover ideas as to how this powerful technology can aid in streamlining your business operations.

Dr. David F. George and Louise Welsby: Navigating Adventures in Choice

Dr. David F. George, a startup entrepreneur, has a passion for adventure and possesses a diverse international career. As the Founder and CEO of choiceMaster, his mission is to simplify complex decision-making processes with a focus on enhancing the online shopping experience. His goal is to empower shoppers to make well-informed product purchase choices.

David's professional journey includes roles at renowned global corporations such as IBM, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz Group, and Barclays Bank. These experiences have enriched his expertise in AI and Knowledge Engineering, allowing him to demonstrate the practical and valuable applications of these technologies across a range of industries, including banking, insurance, and automotive.

Service Animals – A Tool for Leaders

Service Animals®: – using neuroscience to turbo charge and lead effective workplace relationships

In today’s complex and busy world, the ability to build rapport and therefore relationships quickly is essential to any successful leaders.

Service Animals® is an award-winning tool that uses principles of neuroscience to fast-track workplace relationships.

In this engaging and interactive Masterclass, you will find out how Service Animals acts as a simple heuristic to rapidly profile our key relationships.

It will also give you some tips and techniques to adapt your own style enabling you to develop mutually beneficial workplace relationships.

And as a Masterclass attendee, you will also receive your own comprehensive Service Animals report – an in-depth personal profile packed full of tips and hacks to maximise your own style.

Tickets now on sale

Join us at the Shropshire Leadership Conference 2024 as we come together again to bring high profile speakers to Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury.

Individual tickets are £99 and give you access to the full day programme of:

  • Three exciting keynote speakers
  • Access to interactive masterclasses led by industry and field experts
  • Q&A session and demonstrations from leading market provider in recruitment, retention, talent management and development
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exhibition areas
  • Wellbeing activities
  • Opportunity to inspire, challenge and evolve how you lead

Delegates will be able to arrive from 8:30am, for an official start at 9:30am. The day will draw to a close at 4:30pm, with an opportunity to network afterwards.

To book your tickets please email us at

Event sponsor

We are proud to be working with Agility in Mind as our main event sponsor. The theme of this year's conference is Future of Leadership, supported by three subthemes of Technology, Wellbeing and Belief in Potential.

We believe that Agility in Mind share our values of supporting businesses to achieve better outcomes and through their activity align seamlessly with the themes of the conference.

Agility in Mind love helping ambitious organisations scale and grow. Using lean and agile tools and techniques, they partner closely with leaders, teams and individuals to help them become more efficient, product-led and deliver the right things quickly and efficiently.

Agility in Mind have an impact through shifting the mindsets of all those within the organisation, so that they can respond with more agility to changes in the environment in which they operate. The outcome is a business that culturally believes that they can own and create their own future.

Sponsors, advertisers and exhibitors

We are pleased to welcome on board Shrewsbury Colleges Group and Enable as  Conference Partners.

If you too, would like to be part of this exciting leadership event to showcase your organisation and enjoy networking opportunities, we have a range of options available to sponsor, advertise and exhibit at the event.

To find out more please contact Darren Griffin by phone: 01743 253063 or


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